Meet Faith Costa

 Meet Faith Costa

Did you catch our recent Influencer Styling Session with Model, Artist, and Body Positivity Activist Faith Costa and Brand Ambassador Natasha Nurse? If not, you should totally get caught up HERE!


We are so excited to launch our blog featuring the one and only Faith Costa. If you don’t already know why she is amazing, enjoy our first blog post interview with this fantastic bombshell!


How do you find time to manage being a model, artist, and mental health activist?


Faith: Finding time to balance everything can be difficult but for me, it’s all about making lists! I make weekly lists in my planner so I can actually see what I need to do, what’s coming up and what I need to prioritize. The satisfaction of checking things off as I go, keeps me on track and less overwhelmed. As someone with anxiety and who is easily overwhelmed, I highly recommend trying this to anyone who needs help organizing their thoughts, agenda and managing all your passions!

What are your favorite items in your closet?

Faith: My favorite items in my closet are my dresses, especially my “nice” dresses—the ones I only get to wear for special occasions. They make me feel beautiful and confident. Everyone needs pieces in their closet that make them feel incredible!


What are items that you are selling in your StyleForIt Shop? (include specific items)


Faith: I am selling a little bit of everything! Dresses, skirts, jeans, cover-ups and more! There’s something for everyone’s style!


How long have you kept in your closet that you never wore?

Faith: I tend to keep things longer than I should, but it’s hard to let go sometimes! I always think, “I’ll keep this because maybe one day I’ll wear it.” However, I’d rather have pieces go to someone who will actually wear and use them, which is why I love that I can now share them on StyleForIt! I know they will find loving new homes!


What were summer trends that you loved this summer?

Faith: I was all about the summer fringe this season, surprisingly enough! Whether it was earrings or a bag or little detail, I loved it all!


What are fall trends you are looking forward to wear for the season?  

Faith: I cannot wait to pull out the leather for fall! Plus, maybe some Fall fringe? I want the trend to last all year, clearly!


What is in your closet that you couldn’t live without?


Faith: I don’t think I could live without an easy “throw on” dress that you can dress up and down. I honestly have quite a few because I love them so much, so I think they are a necessity for me!


Why is fashion important to you?

Faith: Fashion has always been important to me because it’s all about expression. Fashion is such a great way to show who you are, try new things, feel good and push boundaries! Clothing is so historically and culturally significant, and now-a-days we have such freedom we need to take advantage of it to continue to impact our own history.


What is a fashion rule that you live by? 

Faith: When in doubt-black and gold never fails!


Are you ready to open your StyleForIt Shop? Get all the details HERE

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